Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New version of Sforce Excel Connector available

Ron Hess has released the latest version of his FREE Sforce Excel Connector, version 5.31.

He has highlighted several new features that may be of interest:
  • Option Dialog to configure the ServerURL, ( allows you to default to 5.0)
  • Option to trigger assignment rules for Lead and Case insert
  • Option to use API Names not labels
  • New feature in a query filter allows you to use TODAY , TODAY - n or TODAY + n, handy for pulling a window of data
  • A method or three of building a simple Join between two or more tables is described in the online help file
  • Added mapping for record types and owner ID's that will now display the names instead of the actual ID's

    This tool continues to be a great help for SalesForce.com administrators in managing the day-to-day use of the application without getting under the hood of the Sforce API. Download it now!
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